SingaporeConnect, 2015 & 2017

Marketing design for Singapore's community in the Bay Area 

Hailing from Singapore, I like to stay in touch with my roots and traditions. I occasionally volunteer my time and design skills for SingaporeConnect, a voluntary non-profit organisation supporting a community of overseas Singaporeans and Friends of Singapore in the San Francisco Bay Area/North America. I designed brochures for two events they held, Singapore Community Day (2015) and Singapore Sports & Family Day (2017). For Singapore Community Day, I collaborated with an art director and was in charge of the brochure map and itinerary design. For Singapore Sports & Family Day, I collaborated with another designer to create a logo, and was in charge of the brochure design. 

Another event I helped design for was SG50, celebrating Singapore's Golden Jubilee. The task was to design a graphic combining visual elements from Singapore and San Francisco, and their existing logo. My solution was to design a vector illustration of a merlion and the Golden Gate bridge, combining two famous landmarks from Singapore and San Francisco. From the logo design, I would extend the design to posters, banners, shirts and mugs. 

Made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.