SimpliHouse, 2017

Display SimpliSafe products in a trailer home usage scenario

SimpliSafe is a home security company with a mission is to help people live safely without introducing complexity. To showcase their product line at the Best Buy Holiday Leadership Meeting and future conferences, a tiny house was proposed to be built for their 40' x 20' booth. An already decorated trailer home was sourced by SimpliSafe, and required that all the exterior props and decorations to fit inside of the house for storage and easy transportation. I was part of the team responsible for sprucing up the exterior of the trailer to make it look more like a 'home'.

From concept to execution, the project started in late August and was due the weekend before 3 October 2017 to be driven down to Anaheim for the meeting. The dimensions were mocked up at a 1:50 scale rendering and went through several revisions of composing different exterior decoration options: a mailbox, fake grass, walkway stones, stone trim, topiary plants, hedges, barbecue grill, kid bicycle, soccer ball, watering hose, birth bath, picket fence, wooden bench, and many more.

I designed the renderings, and enjoyed some time away from the computer to help in the workshop. I helped to sand, coat, and paint wooden stairs and boxes; nail and fasten down artificial topiary hedge mats; apply liquid nails to stone skirting.

Handmade, and made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Agency: Zooka Creative.