Category Management, 2015

Create visual design for product category management 

Seagate develops data storage solutions for people and businesses to share and preserve their memories and business data. I worked with an art director and a team of designers to create a new visual design to brand their category management: to engage customers and increase their understanding of product knowledge. We developed the concept of a "Mosaic" which consisted of color coding each product category, custom iconography, product benefits, typography, and curated photography. Each "Mosaic" collage grid has a different layout and unique icon. There are four categories (Backup, Stream, Share, Upgrade), and each is assigned a title and color. e.g. the external storage category is titled "Backup" and represented with a red color scheme of red blocks and photography with a warm color palette.

I was mainly responsible for designing the different "Mosaic" layouts, finding stock photos for each category, rendering mockups, and designing the iconography. This new brand management design made its first debut at Seagate's World Wide Sales Meeting (WWSM) in 2015, and was later implemented for point of purchase displays in electronic stores like Best Buy.  

Received 2015 GOLD Addy Award: Seagate Category Management Campaign.
Made in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,and AfterEffects.
Agency: Zooka Creative.